Super Charging your Roth IRA

We have all seen the Real Estate infomercial for buying Real Estate with No Money Down-whether it’s Robert Allen or Carleton Sheets, most people are a little skeptical. My advice, go to one of the free seminars…But, leave the credit card at home for the first time. The great deal will be there later if you decide you want to take the plunge. Here is what I learned from attending one. You can start a Roth IRA and if you are so inclined, buy & sell real estate within the Roth. I mention this because those of you who love real estate may want to look closer at this. You have to find a trustee who allows that kind of asset in a Roth. A starting place for you is Disclosure: I have no affiliation with this company. You can also have an accountant act as your trustee for this kind of account. Whether you are twenty or fifty it may pay you to look closer at a Roth IRA and maximize it’s potential. Let me know if you have had any experience in this area so others can learn. Remember to keep Humor in your investment journey! PS: a short FYI, The Supreme court ruled today that IRA’s are exempt from creditors in bankruptcy cases

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