Swimming & Investing

This morning my coach was explaining to me why I was swimming a mile-instead of my comfortable half mile. She explained to me that it was getting me ready for future Master’s swim meets-after swimming a mile three times a week that 50 Meters would be a cake walk! She went on to tell me that going and competing in the meets was reward for all those 5am workouts. I had never thought of it that way, but she is the coach. Which got me thinking about investing and building your cash flow portfolio. If you don’t get to periodically reap the rewards of your investing efforts you can become seriously disillusioned. Take some profits now and again, enjoy some interest and dividends now and then-reward yourself for a job well done! Please stop over at All Things Financial this week. Jeff is hosting this weeks Carnival of Personal Finance, you will find some great information. Have you read the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell? He contends that we make many snap, intuitive judgments that are very often correct. It’s a good read and I’m exploring “predictors” that will allow us to predict those who will be financially independent-any thoughts? PS Congratulations to Free Money Finance for being mentioned by Business Week as one of the most worthwhile investing blogs!! Good Job

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