Synthetic Marijuana Sold as Incense

You know all about folks selling incense, herbs or whatever you want to call it-unless you have been living under a rock. It goes by different names such as K2, Black Mamba and others but the bottom line is some folks love it and in most states it is legal. That however is changing quickly in some states.

The reason I write about this phenomena today is to let you know that some folks have made money on this online trend. Take for example Legalerb. This company came online this year and their sales took off. They were one of the few that recognized a trend and jumped on it! That’s the beauty of an online business. I don’t make any judgements as to the moral issue of selling synthetic marijuana-I figure that if they had not done it someone surely would have. If you are going to be an entrepreneur you must move quickly and ride the wave of success. You should also be looking for the next wave-because this one will fade out sooner or later.

You can read the entire New York Times article on Synthetic Marijuana here.

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