Thanks Sarabeth-A Crushed Valentine’s Day

  • Have you ever had someone “call you out” and challenge you to prove what you are doing is working…In your financial or personal endeavors? Meet Sarabeth, blonde hair, blue eyes a shade over five feet something with that sweet southern drawl. I met Sarabeth from my Master’s swim group. We meet three times a week @ 5am for a full blown workout. Even though I walk on crutches-I love working out with these big dogs! Every single one of them is better than me and challenges me to do my best every time. Sarabeth is kind enough to give periodic feedback on how fruitful my efforts have been. It started whenI challenged Sarabeth to a 50 meter race on Valentine’s Day-I now have a new appreciation for the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Well, she is a tri-athlete, who only plays for the number one slot and she kicked my behind from Denver to San Diego and back! This gave me an immediate opportunity to evaluate my training. More on this later. What would happen if a Sarabeth challenged you to prove that your financial strategy was indeed working-after all don’t you hear everyone saying they are saving for retirement?When do you start checking to see if it’s working? Since the first quarter of the year just passed how about now? Find that Coach, Investment advisor or other trusted advisor and have them give it to you straight. Because of the beating Sarabeth gave me I have lost twelve pounds, my coach is working with me on my stroke, and I am working with a personal trainer-Sarabeth will give me another opportunity to test my new routine. I feel fortunate that I can make these adjustments-what about you and your financial efforts!! *Remember,the financial game is a game, just like swimming. *Admit that you are competitive and like to finish first, even in the financial arena. Sarabeth doesn’t show up at 5am just for the heck of it-she is going to finish first or make the necessary adjustments. *Remember your childhood-when you did not and would not accept can’t for and answer-you can win this game! Have Fun.
  • PS. Sarabeth I’m sorry I grabbed your leg when you blew by me, next time, I’ll hold on tighter!

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