The Art of the Elevator Speech

People love to help other people get what they want. Most people appreciate confidence and tenacity that you can display in a 32 second elevator speech. It is a great way to clearly articulate to others where you are going and why on your financial journey.
Here are some of the critical components for success:

Have a great and inviting opening.
People will give you about 15 seconds to draw them in. An example might be along the lines of “I’m building a stock portfolio that will provide me interest and dividends of $10,000 a month when I want to collect sea shells all day long.” If you have mastered the art of financial networking don’t be surprised if someone responds with one of their favorite stock picks. I don’t think there is any thing more frustrating that hearing a person ramble on about their strategy. Worse yet, are those who share all the reasons that they haven’t been able to manifest any prosperity. Leave the negative talk for your dog-they are the only ones who will give you unqualified love and are always happy to see you! People can’t help you if they don’t know what you want.

2. Don’t let your financial planning strategy leave your listener with a lot of questions. If it is a complex plan make your explanation simple. Don’t make it complicated for listeners to grasp-remember they want to help you but only if they understand. The worse thing you can do is offer a mysterious and convoluted plan. Listeners get so caught up in formulating their questions that they stop listening and all of us hate to admit that we don’t understand what you are ranting about!

Don’t Wow them with your genius in the elevator.
When I invented and patented an ergonomic hand grip for crutches people didn’t want to be bowled over by the physics of it. They wanted to know the benefits and my marketing approach. Yes, we all need a pat on the back and encouragement know and then. Get this reinforcement from your mother or favorite aunt. When you are in front of the big dog that can really advance your cause give them your best shot!

Be credible and show conviction in your plan.
Let people know that you have researched others who have gone before you and you will expand on what they did right and avoid the pit falls they found. Even though you may be on the very early stages of your journey to financial success- people who can help you will respect and admire the effort you have put into researching your plan. The more buy in from them the more they are willing to help you and expand your financial network.

Having a concise and inviting elevator speech helps you focus on your financial journey and encourages you to ask yourself what do you need to learn and who do you need to add to your team. Enjoy the journey!

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