The Money Idea for 2007!

Will you and your money making idea be the Alex Tex of 2007? You remember Alex, a year ago today he made one million dollars on his website selling pixels! To my amazement, the site is still up-Very cool. I don’t know that I have the creativity of Alex but I hope you do if that is your desire for this year.
One of the money strategies that I have found to be successful over the years is to have a quarterly project. For example, let’s assume you have $10,000 dollars in debt that you want to eliminate this year. You have a very good idea what if any money you will be able to commit from your earnings to eliminate this debt-factor that in and then plan on four special money making projects for the year-one every quarter!

These projects could include consulting, selling items on Ebay, affiliate programs, a second job income etc. If you break it down on a quarterly basis it’s much more manageable and gives you a specific time frame and dollar amount to check yourself on. Give this a try if you’ve never done it. It works and if you have some creative ideas to share with others please feel free to comment! Here is the Million Dollar Idea post from a year ago today! PS Shoot me a link from that PR 7 Alex!

Steve Mertz
The next Big Money idea is…

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