These Meetings Will Make You Money

Good Morning. There are two upcoming meetings that I want you to put on your radar screen. The first is the National Speakers Association Convention July 9-12, in Atlanta, Georgia. You do not have to be a current member to attend. This is simply the finest collection of speakers, consultants and trainers in the world. This is my second family and if you have ever wanted to learn more about experts who speak professionally-this is where you want to be! The second meeting is the Maui Writers conference It is September 1-5 in Maui. This is the place you want to be if you have ever wanted to speak to agents who are willing and ready to help you bring your book to the public. I know several people who have gone and have secured an agent as well as Six figure advances for their book. Both of these are great Cash Flow Ideas for you! Thanks for all of the kind thoughts many of you expressed to me yesterday concerning my MRI-the bottom line is the procedure was to last for two hours until I found out just how claustrophobic I am-they are going to put me under for the procedure. Wow is that tunnel small!!!

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