This Kid Writes for Big Money

Brian Stelter, is a college student and the blogger behind TVNewser. This is considered a “must read” by industry experts. Brian blogs seven-days-a-week, and almost 24-hour-a-day tidbits of gossip, annonymous tips, program ratings etc…
Did I mention that his girl friend recently broke up with him! Brain, find some time for romance!

According to Jeffrey Schneider, a senior vice president of ABC news, “The whole industry pays attention to his blog”, “It would not surprise me if I refreshed my browser 30 to 40 times a day.” And ABC is paying Jeffrey how much to refresh his browser 30-40 times a day 😉

Brian originally started the blog, concealing his identity. In July of 2004 he was hired by Mediabristro. Brian wont tell us his salary but says it’s more than enough to cover his college expenses-That’s becasue you don’t date Brian!!

Cool story for this major in Mass Communications and I hope his blog continues to make him a boat load of money! From the New York Times: The Kid With All the News About the TV News.

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