This Money Making Idea is Headed to Court

A Los Angeles judge has granted class action status to a lawsuit that charges consumers were wrongfully charged for Girls Gone Wild videotapes and DVDs. It charges that Mantra Films automatically signed customers up for monthly mailings after they requested a reduced price “introductory” mailing. ” I ordered a video off the TV offer for $10 and every month now I receive a video and they charge my credit card $25 and I do not want the videos. I’ve tried contacting them to cancel it” said Jeremy.

Sounds a little like AOL doesn’t it? You can never cancel once you take that introductory offer. Two lessons here:

1. Don’t order that bad boy stuff in the first place.
2. Use a special credit card for all online ordering-one that has a low credit limit that will prevent a lot of additional billing. And if it ever gets swiped you won’t suffer much damage before the fraud is resolved.

Steve Mertz
I’ve channel surfed pass that informercial a thousand times!!

2 Responses to “This Money Making Idea is Headed to Court”

  1. Tim says:

    It’s a lot like those stupid DVD and music clubs where you have to tell them not to send you stuff or they do it automatically. Ugh!

  2. Steve Mertz says:

    Good Point Tim-I seriously use a credit card online with a $500 limit that way I can max it out easily if need be so they can’t continue charging. This corporation got fined for this same issue in 2004!

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