This Woman Knows Cash Flow

In my wildest dreams I would never have imagined that a Hooters waitress could earn $80,000 a year. Congratulations Madame X! Madame X over at My open Wallet provided my most enjoyable read of the week. It was titled Miscellaneous News and delighted the blogging world with her keen sense of humor. On a personal note, I have to thank Madame X for being an excellent proofreader and keeping me honest on book advances. 🙂

Looking back, since it’s been over a year since I started blogging, I recall hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance back in August of 2005. The host has a lot of discretion about whether or not to accept posts and when I read this one I was a little hesitant. Not really to my liking, some of the ideas seemed kind of bizarre but…I figured the more the merrier! Well, now you might notice that I do provide a link to My Open Wallet and think that you too will enjoy her humor and her motorcycle pictures! Keep sharing your great cash flow ideas!

Steve Mertz
Fan of Keen Humor!

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3 Responses to “This Woman Knows Cash Flow”

  1. Madame X says:

    Hi, thanks for the shout-out!

  2. Steve Mertz says:

    My pleasure-keep up that great humor!

  3. lyme_85 says:

    that girl is hot!

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