This Would Be A Tough Client

Yesterday’s New Your Times had a great article on a real estate agent living large. The agent earned close to $900,000 last year-a good year by any standard.It’s interesting to note that he had a set back, alcoholism, which he has overcome. Overcoming a setback is a trait of a lot of successful individuals. But I wouldn’t want this guy for a client-I see red flags! In his stable of cars he has a Bentley, four Mercedes, two Jaguars and two Range Rovers. He notes that he socializes with his wealthy clients and “I look at how they spend their money and I’m getting more ideas.” DUDE…You had better get the saving idea and leveraging your income before your ride is over! He’s been so busy that he doesn’t own a home-he rents! Do you think this guy has any Substantial savings? I hope so for his benefit-but my gut tells me that he is headed for financial disaster. I think we can all learn from his actions. Off to get an MRI today to see if I’m a candidate for stem cell transplant. Have a great day!

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  1. FMF says:

    Yep, it’s always the same. It doesn’t matter what you earn, it matters what you spend.

    Hope your tests go well.

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