United’s Cash Flow Woes

United Air has been given tentative approval to walk away from $6.6 Billion Dollars of pension obligations. The obligation will be taken over by Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, which is already under water to the tune of $23 Billion dollars-this really sucks. Now you know why I focus on cash flow and urge you to take a close look at your company’s plan if that is part of your strategy. For the full story see www.marketwatch.com The individuals from United will now have to join us in our discussions of Jump Starting your Financial Plan. A buddy of mine was working for a start up that just didn’t get the marketing done for a great product. He has many years invested in the company at start up wages with little stock potential and he is fifty something! Fortunately, he has been building his Financial Network and is bringing the company back from the ashes. For him, it isn’t a viable option to go to an 8 to 5 job he needs a big financial success story. He is in the process of raising $2 Million dollars and developing new patents for this system. He is fortunate that they have a viable product and there is interest from investors. Have you built your Financial Network? Do you have a strategy that you have for jump starting your Financial Success? Please post it or email me at smertz@msn.com Listen to Wanda Sykes and Smile! 🙂

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