Venture Capitalists Don’t Wear Dresses

When I attended the Rockies Venture Capital conference last week I sat in on 8 presentations given to Venture Capitalists-not one venture capitalist was a woman. I really could not detect any real ethnicity other than WASP-and there sure weren’t any disabled venture capitalists-Looks like there are plenty of opportunities in the Venture Capitalists arena! Maybe the Sand Hill Slave will weigh in on this matter.

As you can imagine if you are a VC of ethnicity or a woman you are going to stand out and I think in a positive way. I would also say the same is true for anyone looking to VC’s for money-based on the crowd in Denver. Here are some tips that I used for networking at this conference and would be applicable to most networking situations.

1. I was always the first to introduce myself and shake hands.
2. My opening was: “What brings you to the conference today.” This works well because it is now all about the other person.
3. I gave each person my undivided attention-No looking over their shoulder and eyeing the crowd for someone bigger and better!
4. I repeated their name in the conversation-Is their any sweeter sound than out own name?
5. When it was time to move on-I thanked them and told them I had another individual to meet-Don’t make phony “shitake” excuses-Thanks to Guy Kawasaki for the new word.
6. I look at networking as a game-My mission is to connect two people who need each other and not expect anything in return.

Mastering the skills of networking will increase your brand and ultimately your cash flow!
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Steve Mertz
Great Networkers Make More Money!

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