Wait is over for iPhone buyers-Would I buy it?

I just held the new Apple iPhone in my hands for about half an hour. My Starbucks buddy, purchased the iPhone Friday! We all know it’s expensive, around $640 with tax, here in Colorado.

He purchased about 1300 minutes for an additional $80 a month. It’s easy to see that in a twelve month period you will easily pony up $2,000! That’s a lot of money-and I’m too cheap for the iPhone.

Having said that, the phone is cool. Very good Internet access, good email access, great tunes and pretty handy. I would own the iPhone if I needed a new phone. Why? I would write about 98.8% of it off as a business expense. Truly, the email and Internet access are worth it as a business tool.

If I could not write it off as a business expense-I would not own it-price of poker is just too high. Would you spring for the expense of the iPhone just because?

Steve Mertz
iPhone or not!

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