Wanda Sykes/Insider Trading/Martha Stewart-Cash Flow

Did I fail to mention that Chris Rock does use “Adult” language-sorry bout that! Wanda Sykes also uses that language but not as much. Wanda is a sharp woman and has a message that will keep you laughing & learning. She explains to us why Martha went to the Big House for Insider Trading and suggests that you and I also have Inside Information that we can use without going to the Slammer! For example back on 10-2-04 I could not help but notice that every time I bought gasoline-it was costing more. The attendant was kind enough to confirm this inside info. So I went to Investor’s Business Daily to scout some possible stocks : www.investors.com They had a very high rating on two stocks that caught my eye-Taser (tasr) and Valero Energy (Vlo) It looked to me that every man, woman & child would have to have a “Taser Stun Gun” to support the price of the stock, so I passed. However, my inside info from the pump made me feel comfortable buying Valero @ $40.62. It closed on 3-31-04 @ $72.73 for a 79% gain. I also purchased an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) with the symbol Xle @$35.43. Good explanation at www.amex.com It closed 3-31-04 @ $42.87 for a gain of 21%. I am not a great stock picker but like you I can be observant and act on our intuition combined with a little research. Listen to Wanda, Laugh & Step Outside your Comfort Zone!!

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  1. Caitlin says:

    OMG, I love that you are quoting Wanda Sykes! She’s awesome…keep it coming!

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