Welcome Back

Hi everyone, sorry for the inconvenience you may have experienced if you came looking for cash flow posts. Someone had hijacked my blog and then Blogger disabled my blog-Ugly. Needless to say, Blogger and Google have the worst customer service-but if you’ve ever had any problems, you know that!
I’ve talked about how Google (goog) has been a very good stock pick for me and my clients, because they throw off so darn much cash. Luckily, they aren’t in the customer service business!
Having my blog hijacked and having blogger disable and lock me out was interesting…but come to find out there were more surprises. In cash flow we trust, my domain name, had expired. Thanks to the caring folks over at Network Solutions who did not transfer it to Go Daddy, as instructed. Fortunately, I caught that and now my domain name is mine again.

Thanks for your patience and support!
Steve Mertz

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