What Does Your Handshake Say About You?

Do you have a firm, confident handshake or are you guilty of the limp handshake? In the business world a great handshake is expected and a rotten one may have negative implications for your career advancement. When I first wrote on this In the Art of The Handshake, I related how Barbara Corcoran recounted shaking the hand of Donald Trump. She recalls his handshake being like a “dead fish” and she did not trust him after this initial meeting. Can you imagine if your business associates had the same first impression after meeting you?

I mentioned the handshake because when I am coaching executives who are giving a major sales presentations-this is a critical first impression. It is just as important in our everyday business life and it seems that this issue of rotten handshakes is getting more attention. Kevin Eikenberry mentions it here. It’s also mentioned here in LiveJournal.

So, by the authority vested in me I declare tomorrow, April 12th, National Learn How to Give a Decent Handshake Day.! It can only help your career advancement!

Steve Mertz
Chief Advocate of Great Handshakes!

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