What You Can’t See In Your Investment Strategies

I was listening to Jana Stanfield, a great speaker and musician. She was talking about teaching her eleven year old neighbor music lessons. She said “Teaching Charlotte teaches me how to be teachable. It has taught me so much. Charlotte can only see what’s in front of her. I can see 180 degrees around her. I can see what she sees and what she can’t see.”
What a cool observation. It reminded me of a client of mine who wanted me to speak to his brother in law. His brother in law’s company had just been bought out by Lucent, his share was $1.2 Billion dollars of Lucent stock-LU. It was January of 1999 and LU was around $100 a share, see for yourself at Big Charts. I told him the ride was coming to an end and explained how to hedge his Lucent position. He didn’t and rode it all the way down. OUCH! Be sure that you build a great Financial Network of trusted advisors around you-to make that 180 degree observation for you!

“You can’t help the poor by being one of them.”-Abraham Lincoln

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  1. FMF says:

    That is a BIG ouch! Too bad.

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