When Does JIBBITZ equal Ten Million Dollars?

The answer: When Crocs buys you for $10 million dollars-Not bad for a one year old startup! Sheri Schmelzer is living every inventors dream. The Boulder, Colorado mother of three launched her company selling decorative accessories for Crocs shoes from her basement. Sweet!
We all have a little entrepreneur in us and this company really is a great case study on how to make a $10 million dollar splash Quickly!

1.The company focused on a market niche with high growth prospects.
2. The looked for a market opportunity before they created their business-How many inventors try to do just the opposite?
3. They had a ready market based on the popularity of Crocs shoes-All they did was fill those little holes in the crocs shoes-Brilliant!
4.They had the Capital and Expertise to expand their business.

Sheri gives credit to her husband, Rich, for the company’s success. “He was born with this knack for the business side of things,” “If it weren’t for Rich, I would still be tinkering in the basement.” That’s a humble woman-She worked her tail off!
There’s still hope for all the basement entrepreneurs out there! I loved the fact that they focused on filling a niche for a company that had exploding growth-
Well done fellow Colorado residents!!

Article: Denver Post

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