When Financial Coaching Goes Well

Sunday night I had a barbecue at my home and one of the guests was also a coaching client. She said “Thank You” for telling me about Natural Gas Services Group (NGS), last month. I bought it at $20. I was so proud of her for many reasons. She had set up her account, pulled the trigger on the purchase and was monitoring it-she was in the cash flow game! She went on to tell me the stock was now at $34 to boot!! I mention her success because six months ago she was not in the game-she had no exit strategy. It’s always hard to pinpoint the transformative event that makes us all take charge of our financial future but it’s great to see someone get on track. I really love the fact that she is doing more on her own and relying less on me…That to me is what a coach should strive for in a relationship.
By the way, I think natural gas prices will go up more and stay higher than most people expect. Buy a thermal insulation blanket for your hot water heater and look at natural gas stocks on pull backs. Have a great day. Steve
PS- I own NGS

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