Where Are All The Great Stock Pickers?

Jack Grubman, Henry Blodget and Frank Quattrone are all barred from the Securities Industry-and I ain’t applying for their jobs 🙂 Just kidding-I was recently mentioned by David Jackson in his excellent blog site : www.seekingalpha.com Here’s what he said :I’ve added a new web site to The Personal Finance Blog Resource Page:
In Cash Flow We Trust is written by Steve Mertz who uses his 15 years of experience as an investment advisor to offer financial advice. Having seen thousands of portfolios, Mertz claims to know ?what works?. Using real-world interactions with both clients, and friends, Mertz gives some practical investing advice. But be cautious about heeding his stock market advice – he freely admits not to be a great stock picker. Mertz started writing his blog in March 2005, and, of late, has been posting almost daily. He is currently a motivational speaker in the financial arena.
He is right on all counts… I do know what works when it comes to building a portfolio that will produce a great stream of cash flow. When I took our 401-k from $300,000 to $1.2 Million I used mutual funds and stocks-but we were in a Bull Market and I always remembered these words: Don’t confuse Genius with a Bull Market! Most Investment Advisors today will tell you the Holy Grail of their success is Managed Money-they pick the managers not the stocks. Here’s the good news FunSeekers- as long as there are ETF’s, Mutual Funds and great sites like Seeking Alpha we don’t have to be great stock pickers to be financially independent! But when you want to know if your strategy will work….You know who to call. 🙂

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