Where Do Your Best Financial Ideas Come From?

I’ve been tracking when and where my best personal finance ideas come from lately. Since I am a speaker and consultant I work out of an office in my home. Sometimes, I just stare at my screen and pretty soon I’m talking to myself and not being productive. I’ve come to an interesting observation. I do my best work in an area of social isolation-like a Starbucks location. I draw off the energy and the social aspect of it-yet I can have my privacy.Since I am an extrovert I suppose this should not be a profound learning point-but it was! How about you-track where and when your best financial planning ideas come from. If you are highly introverted you may find just the opposite works best for you. But if you find the ideas are not coming and you start that internal chatter that is counter productive-you may want to try my method.Another good idea-keep a notebook with you and jot down those great ideas when they come to you before they get lost in the clutter of the day. Happy Monday!

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