Who Dares Wins-Motto of British Special Forces

I was really taken aback by some quotes I read recently. Consider this by Twenty four year old Kelly Pearson who bought her first home in San Diego for $580,000. With no savings, a college loan to repay, she took out a mortgage for 100%. The closing costs were paid for by a $10,000 gift from her parents. She rents out three bedrooms that cover most of her monthly stroke. “Where else can you turn a huge profit on a house in eight months?” she asks. “The possibilities in San Diego are unreal.” Ryan and Laura Rothschild started buying houses, renovating them and upgrading. Ryan said : “It’s a merry-go-round in San Diego,” says Ryan. “You’ve got to get on the ride. One house parleys into the next.” You’ve got to get on the ride, whatever your vehicle for Financial Cash Flow! People always ask me “How do I start?” I will defer to Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone. He says turning a mission into a reality does not just happen.His tool of choice is the Networking Action Plan. The plan is separated into three distinct parts: The first is devoted to the development of the goals that will help you fulfill your mission. The second is devoted to connecting those goals to the people, places, and things that will help you get the job done. The third part helps you determine the best way to reach out to the people who will help you accomplish the goals. Great worksheet-I highly recommend it!

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