Who Has Better Financial Ideas: Men or Women?

So far, I’ve had three suggestions on my challenge…All three have been by women. I think I’ve got a plausible explanation. Men look for “the homerun idea”-kind of the go big or go home philosophy that we are taught early on. Women, are just practical…One foot in front of the other! When I was married, I was the hare my wife was the tortoise. Of course I’m making gross generalizations here but now you know who I think will win this challenge, don’t you!

Speaking of men vs women I want you to listen to this presentation at your leisure. The presentation is from Guy Kawasaki speaking about entrepreneurs and why you should always seek the advice of a woman-although I gave Guy grief about some of his language in this presentation-He is absolutely correct in his advice. Go listen and see if you don’t think he makes some excellent points.

By the way, I can’t believe I still have a Google Page Rank of “0” at my blog where you can hear Guy’s presentation but let’s see if we can’t get it to at least a 1??
Here it is : Public Speaking Video: Guy Kawasaki.

Steve Mertz
Just Take That First Step!

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