Will This Idea Make Money?

A Starbucks buddy of mine asked me to look at this website on selling domain names. He asked me to look at it from this perspective: will the search engines ever find this site? The site is a venture of a young entrepreneur who is convinced that there is money to be made selling domain names. I’m sure there is but one thing I have learned over the years is the fact that if I build a better mousetrap “they” will not necessarily beat a path to my door.

I think this site exemplifies that adage. Why he does have some unique domain names he needs to make the site a lot more user friendly. He is also going to have to do some serious search engine optimization-my first thought was to look at a blog format. That format would allow him to feature unique domain names and get search engines to his site. Like any good entrepreneur he is short of funds to advertise so he is going to have to be super creative and get those search engines to his site. I’m going to continue to share thoughts with him. Do you have a money idea that you would like reviewed or tweaked-Here’s your chance. Send me an email and I’ll be happy to give you some ideas and point you to some good resources-and the best part is…There’s no charge!

Although you can’t always tell by the look of this blog I really do enjoy search engine optimization (SEO) and have studied it fairly extensively for the past year and a half. While I’m not an expert-I do have some good ideas that may help you get pointed in the right direction if you are planning on doing any internet marketing. Want proof? Do a Google search for “Sales Presentations Training”-you should see my blog, Sales Presentations Training, in the top 6 search positions.

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