Winning the Money Game

Do you ever look at someone’s accomplishments and ask How in the world did he/she get that? I admit-I have been guilty of this. It’s almost mandatory adult training. Rather than ask “How” it’s easier to be cynical and assume the worst.

Enter Julie Hampton, a normal hard working woman, who teaches creative writing at an inner city high school in Phoenix. She also owns a villa in Tuscany,Italy. When she first found the property she didn’t have the more than $80,000 she needed-so she started asking how. She went to the local office of the Small Business Administration and told the volunteer adviser that she wanted to finance the purchase largely by persuading 60 people to pay $1,000 each in exchange for three weeks in the villa…You know what the adviser told her, right?

She went on to Tuscany and put down a binder of $2,300-college fund money that was left after she had paid tuition. She found a lawyer back in the states and had him create a limited liability company. With only a few weeks to go until a $28,000 down payment was due, Julie made a color brochure and offered three weeks at the villa to anyone willing to pay her $1,000. She also put a six-line classified ad in the New York Times Travel section for four weeks at $270 a week. She met the deadline-getting all the money from subscribers! She purchased the villa in 2002 and will own it free and clear in 2007 because of her creativity and asking how can I make this happen.

I’m sure we all have money situations in our lives where we could apply this creativity-we just have to ask how instead of saying no way!!
Thanks to the New York Times.

Steve Mertz
You Have a Villa in Tuscany!

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