Would You Invest Money With This Guy?

He’s thinking: “Is Steve Mertz finished bashing Kaavya Viswanathan-and is he going to tell Raytheon investors what a scum bag I am? That’s Mr. Scumbag to you Mertz!”
Yes, Mr. Scumbag, AKA, William Swanson, CEO of Raytheon, I am going to tell Raytheon investors why you scare me.

Swanson got caught doing a little plagiarizing of his own. But to his high moral credit he blamed it on an associate and said maybe he should have given a little more credit to the original author-ya think Bill?

While I don’t condone Viswanathan’s actions, she is 19 years old and I’m willing to cut her some slack. But Swanson is the CEO of a corporation that makes products for the military and is the “leader” of about 80,000 employees-there is no excuse for him-and investors should demand the board exercise their fiduciary responsibility. So, far, the board has frozen his 2006 salary at its 2005 level and his 2006 restricted stock award will be reduced 20% percent! For more on Swanson’s indiscretion read this article at the New York Times.

Steve Mertz
Raytheon Investors Beware!

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