Woulda-Shoulda & Google

A Starbuck’s, www.starbucks.com , buddy of mine runs a hedge fund that buys and sells new issues-in short order. So, we were discussing buying Google, www.google.com , when it first was coming public. He felt it was going to do poorly and I felt it had good prospects but it was very pricey. We both passed on Google but he has flipped many new issues since and I was happy playing the oils. Lately, a lot of people are tripping over themselves to buy Google at $200 a share when they couldn’t stand it at $100 a share-such is life! I will say this-the chart on Google looks reasonable and they are making a ton of money. If you believe in Google, buy some, even if it’s a couple of shares. I use Scottrade, www.scottrade.com , so the commission isn’t going to kill me, or you. Some people are afraid to buy an “expensive” stock because they can’t buy enough. If your money doubles ….Does it matter? Cash Flow always wins out and Google is producing a lot of it. Did you have fun this week? I hope so-take care.

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