You Are Creating Your Financial Future Now!

I was reminded of this when I was coaching a private client this week. The obvious question to ask a client is: “If you carry on as you are, will you achieve the Financial Future you want?” The answer is usually no-and that is why we all seek help. Here’s an interesting insight from Change Your Life In 7 Days by Paul McKenna, Ph.D “One of the most significant differences I’ve noticed between the people who succeed and the ones who struggle is whether they look into the past or the present to create their future. If you continually look to the past, you will always feel that history is doomed to repeat itself;if you look to the present, you will always find there is some new choice you can make to enhance your possibilities.” Jim Cramer is the new Henry Blodgett of stock picking with his call on Google. Google will see $350.00 a share if this continues! Have a great day.

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